Boston Globe GRANT

February 26, 2015

Boston Globe & Trust Supporters: Have you received your silver envelope


Help the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust get free advertising in the Boston Globe! Learn more about Boston Globe's GRANT (Globe Readers and Nonprofits Together). 


The Boston Globe subscribers can show their support for the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust by following these simple steps:

  • Watch for a silver envelope from the Boston Globe GRANT program in your mailbox.
  • Pull out the "check" for $50 or $100.  
  • Fill out the voucher (photo left). Where it asks for the Name of the Certified 501(c)(3) please write in:  Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust; 660 Suffolk St., Suite 120; Lowell, MA 01854
  • Send it back to the Globe in the postage paid envelope.
  • OR redeem your voucher online by clicking here.

Why choose the Trust? By selecting the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust as your designated nonprofit organization, you can help us deliver the types of programs and projects that enhance our community, continue to add to Lowell's quality of life, and connect more people to the important natural resources found in the city.