LPCT Volunteers featured in new e-book

January 29, 2015

As the Trust celebrates 25 years since our founding, we appreciate the hard working volunteers who help us work towards our mission.  We thank our land stewards, lock tenders, and corporate and non-profit partners who help us managae our properties!  Just because it's winter doesn't mean we don't need extra eyes and ears out and about either! Contact us if you would like to learn more!

Recently, Trust volunteers were featured in a new e-book, Being Where You Are: How Environmental Volunteers Impact Their Community and the Planet Every Day.

Told by the volunteers, in their own words, these are stories of giving back to the community and the planet. Stories of finding special connections to special places. Stories of the many ways that anyone who is willing and able can have a powerful and lasting impact on those places. This includes stories from Jamie O’Hearn, a land steward and board member with the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust, and Deb Sofia, an active volunteer for the organization who gives her time and effort in many ways. These dedicated and passionate citizens demonstrate how volunteers can and do get involved in important environmental work in Lowell and every similar city.