Land Protection

Conserving Land for Today and Tomorrow

The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust has protected over 30 acres of land in the city of Lowell, land that will be left pristine and undeveloped for future generations to enjoy.  In 2014, we were accredited by the Land Trust Accredidation Commission for our outstanding land conservation practices. 

Learn more about the unique field of urban land protection here.

By setting land aside in Lowell and advocating for the protection of open spaces, we are providing the community with:

  • Improved quality of air, water, and soil
  • Scenic beauty - beautification of parks, landscapes and neighborhoods 
  • Opportunities for exercise and recreation
  • Natural habitat for plants and animals alike, biodiversity
  • Links in biological corridors
  • Preservation of environmental history
  • Education and community building
  • Opportunities for members, volunteers, and youth programs to make a difference in their community

Looking for a local adventure?  The Trust owns properties throughout the city, so plan your trip today! Click here for a property map of LP&CT Conservation Lands in Lowell, or view a list of public city parks (non-LP&CT) here.

LP&CT Properties    

Jollene Dubner Park


Spalding House

West Meadow

Donahue Park


Hawk Valley Farm


Concord River Greenway

Coburn Park

Edwards Street Soccer Fields Project

Contribute to Properties & Endowment Funds

Your support helps the Trust to complete our mission of "improving the quality of life for the people of Lowell through the creation, conservation, and preservation of parks open spaces, and special places." You can make a general contribution to LP&CT on our "Donate Today!" page to support all that we do, or follow the links below to donate to endowments that will support a specific property:

Donate Your Land for Conservation

Are you interested in donating land to the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust?  CLICK HERE to learn about all of your options.