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Eco-Film Series Celebrates Six Years of Inspiring Films

Eco-film Series

Eco-Film Series Celebrates Five Years of Inspiring Films Over thirty films have been selected to be screened through our annual Eco-Film Series. This…

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Eco-Film: All the Time in the World

Amidst the stress of our fast-paced, technology-ridden world, one family makes a bold decision to go “off the grid.” For nine months, two parents quit their jobs and take their three children, ages 10, 8 and 4, to live in a cabin in the Yukon wilderness. With no access to roads, running water, electricity, internet, phones, TV, clocks or watches …

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Eco-Film: Jumbo Wild

Protecting Special Places…Sound Familiar? Across our continent, people fight to protect open spaces. For their beauty, for wildlife protection, for recreation–the reasons are…

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Corporate Support

Corporate Support Our business partners are critical to the success of the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust.  Corporate support provides ongoing funding for…

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Anonymous, volunteer

I soon learned that their mission goes beyond just saving open space… The Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust truly does a lot with a little!

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