Partnership Parks

Partnership Parks are those parks in Lowell that are officially owned by the city of Lowell, and the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust (LP&CT) has had a role in their betterment.  

Some  were created through the initiative of LP&CT (Jollene Dubner Park or Spalding House Park), while at other city parks, including Coburn Park, LP&CT partnered with an individual donor to provide significant capital improvements.

As an accredited urban land trust, we have unique expertise to assist with and/or coordinate complex, multi-layered projects, such as the Concord River Greenway. Early in our history we were asked to help negotiate the protection of the Edwards Street Soccer Fields in partnership with the city and the Trust for Public Land.

Kittredge Park and Liberty Park are both locations where a committed group had raised funds for the care of the park, but asked LP&CT to manage special maintenance needs.  Funding to help care for both of these parks is provided by income from small endowments at the Greater Lowell Community Foundation.

How can we help you carry out your vision for your favorite park in Lowell?  Let us know what your ideas are.