Spalding House Park


383 Pawtucket Street, Lowell, MA

Spalding Park aerial map

Spalding Park aerial map


Access park at the back of the Spalding House.  Accessible parking available.  Trails are wheelchair accessible.  There are several stairs at the back of the park that lead down to state and national park land along the Merrimack River.  To access this section by wheelchair, use Mammoth Street entrance.

Parking: Parking behind Spalding House


Spalding House Park is located behind the Spalding House at 383 Pawtucket Street, Lowell, MA (near the corner of Pawtucket and School Streets, across from the Pawtucket Pharmacy).

A View of History

Nestled behind our historic Spalding House lies its namesake park – and a stunning view of Pawtucket Falls.

Between the park and the old Moses Davis Inn (Spalding House), this one-acre property holds many stories, stories about the relationship between people and the natural environment going back thousands of years.

Native Americans lived on this spot long before Europeans arrived since the falls provided an ideal place for fishing.  When colonists began to settle and expand their trade, the falls presented a significant obstacle for boats.  Before Lowell’s famous canals, colonists would have to portage the falls–take their boats apart and transport them on land–and find a place to stay overnight.  The Moses Davis Inn, which is now the Spalding House, was built to fill this need.

The falls produced hydro-power during the Industrial Revolution, and are still used for this purpose today.

Strength in Partnerships

Opened in September 2011, Spalding House Park stemmed from the partnership among the Trust, Lowell National Historical Park (LNHP), and the City of Lowell.  The park serves as a link between the Canalway at the Upper Pawtucket and Northern Canals, and is adjacent to the historic Pawtucket Gatehouse.

Read more about the creation of Spalding House Park and its 2011 opening: Spalding House Park Press Release 2011.