Bruce Freeman Rail Trail


Map showing phase one of the Bruce Freemain Rail Trail (courtesy of

Map showing phase one of the Bruce Freemain Rail Trail (courtesy of


Access to the trail in Lowell in at the back of the Crosspoint Towers parking lot, off of Industrial Avenue.

Parking: In Lowell: Crosspoint Towers Parking Lot, Industrial Ave., Lowell, MA (see for more parking)


To access the trail head in Lowell, enter the Crosspoint Towers complex off of Route 110. Head to the back right of the parking lot; parking is available in this smaller lot.  The trail begins through the tunnel, heading into Chelmsford.

Local Trail Connections

Following the old New Haven Railroad Framingham and Lowell Line, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail will run through Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Sudbury, and Framingham.  As of 2017, phase 2C of construction is in process, which will link the existing trail to Concord and eventually Sudbury and Framingham.

In partnership with the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, the Bay Circuit Trail, and the City of Lowell, the Trust is working to connect the Lowell end of the BFRT with the Concord River Greenway.  Not only will this further connect surrounding communities with Lowell, but this will close critical gaps in the 200-mile Bay Circuit Trail (which also includes the BFRT).  Contact us if you have any questions about this continuing project.

To learn more about the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, including trail maps and construction updates, please visit their website here.

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