Alewife Monitoring Form

Thank you to the 50+ volunteers that have joined us for the 2017 herring monitoring season!  

Your support as citizen scientists is providing valuable data to support anadromous fish restoration in the SuAsCo Watershed (Sudbury-Assabet-Concord).

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  • Wildlife seen, other fish observed, issues with ladder/weir/camera, visibility
  • Concord River Greenway

    We're also collecting data about users of the Concord River Greenway (visible across the river). If you happened to notice people on the Greenway, while you're visiting the ladder, please note:
  • please circle, or describe
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    Please attach any photos you'd like to share.
  • Thank you!

    The data you are helping us collect is critical to understanding the passage of fish through Lowell. You are helping us provide documentation to help open up the largest acreage of riparian habitat in New England, which is now blocked by upstream passage by the Billerica Dam.