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     The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust (LP&CT) is a private, non-profit land trust located in Lowell, Massachusetts.  LP&CT was founded in 1990 by residents with a vision to protect the natural resources upon which the city of Lowell was built.  LP&CT provides conservation leadership and programs which focus on four major areas: land protection, stewardship, environmental education, and special places.

Our mission: to improve the quality of life for the people of Lowell through the creation, conservation, and preservation of parks, open spaces, and special places.    

    LP&CT has a dedicated board of directors, a small staff, and over 300 volunteers who assist us in meeting our mission and stewarding our properties.  Annually, we offer over 40 programs to people of all ages, including after-school programming for urban youth, natural history programs to historic preservation initatives, park stewardship, and tree planting projects. Check out our calendar of events for upcoming programs!

     LP&CT is membership based organization.  Nearly half of our members live outside of Lowell, but they understand that a healthy city ths core of broader environmental health.  Providing access to open space and programs that engage people in Lowell's own backyard enhances the quality of life for the people that live here.  For every $1 that we receive from our generous members, it leverages another $5 in funds from public and private sources.  What does quality of life mean to you? Become a member today!  Your support makes a statement!

Learn more about our work through our programs below:

Environmental History Urban Forestry

Land Protection

Concord River Environmental Education

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Our mailing address is: PO Box 7162, Lowell, MA 01852

Our physical address: 660 Suffolk St., Suite 120, Lowell, MA 01854

Phone number: 978-934-0030



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