Thanks to people like you – volunteers who care about Lowell and the conservation of its special places – Lowell has some of the best urban walks, parks, and “hidden gems” around.

But we can’t make this happen without you.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know new people and build new skills.  

If you would like to take part in helping us create community through conservation, we invite you to join our team of volunteers.  We need extra eyes and ears on our properties, extra hands in the office, and people who share our love of the land and special places in Lowell.

Explore our volunteer opportunities below and, if you’re interested, please fill out our brief volunteer application. Feel free to call Jane or Emily at (978) 934-0030 or you can reach out to us via email.

Volunteers from Constellation, An Exelon Company, at the Spalding House

Please contact Jane Calvin, Executive Director, at (978) 934-0030 to discuss group/corporate volunteer opportunities. The more notice we have the better, but sometimes the last-minute volunteer group is exactly what we need.

Here’s what some of our volunteers have said:

Alewife Monitoring- “I really enjoyed reading others’ observations.  It was like we were writing a communal nature journal!  This delightful perk took the edge off of not seeing fish!” – Sheila, volunteer from Lowell and Board member

Office Help- “I enjoy the change and conversation during mailings. Call me anytime. I’ll be glad to come down to help.” – Maria, volunteer from Lowell

Landscaping/Gardening- “I enjoyed working at the park (Jollene Dubner Park)…I was so inspired.  I got some flowers for my front porch and puttered around my yard all afternoon!” – Nancy, volunteer from Lowell


Thank you for the terrific work accomplished by our community volunteers.  See some snapshots of their work together in the gallery below.

Land Steward

General DescriptionHelp look after a Trust property; monitor and steward conservation land (LP&CT properties, parks).
Volunteers NeededOne+ volunteer per visit (alone or with a friend). Up to two people are assigned to each property.
Time CommitmentHalf-hour per month
When OfferedMonthly
Special Training RequiredShort training on-site
Work ConditionsOutside, some rough terrain
Level of ResponsibilityMedium
Special SkillsNo special skills required, just a love for Lowell's open, green spaces. Check out the wildlife, bring binoculars. Talk with abutters and those that use property.
Physical DemandsWalking, pick up trash as needed. Be our eyes and ears on our properties. Boundary checking, as needed.
PerksA heart-healthy way to get outside and give back to the community.

Land Steward Monitoring Form

Fish Monitor (for alewife)

General DescriptionHelp find and count adult river herring going upstream (spring) and juveniles going downstream (summer/fall), take air and water temperatures, make written observational comments, and monitor underwater video footage.
Volunteers Needed20 to 30 people, 3 people per monitoring session
Time CommitmentTen minutes per monitoring session - as often as you want over a 6 to 8 week period
When OfferedEvery spring, begging late April/early May
Special Training RequiredMinimal - training session provided each spring
Work ConditionsOutdoors - rain or shine
Level of ResponsibilityMedium
Special SkillsGood observational skills
Physical DemandsSome walking, steady on your feet since you'll be looking over the edge of the fish ladder to monitor fish moving below you. If you get vertigo, this is not for you.
PerksHelp evaluate the recovery of the river herring to the Concord River! The more data we collect, the more we can advocate to protect this crucial river habitat. You'll also have the chance to appreciate riverside wildlife, to discover the "emerald jewel" we have in the Concord River, and to enjoy nature and quiet reflective time.

Lock Tender

General DescriptionOperate canal locks on weekends (in April and May; trainings occur in March and possibly April). Aid in passage of whitewater rafts as part of the Trust's Concord River whitewater rafting program. Close locks, open wickets to raise water level, and send rafts through to next chamber.
Volunteers Needed20 to 30 people
Special Training RequiredMust attend lock-tending training. Check our calendar of events in early spring!

Please call 978-934-0030 or fill out our volunteer application to sign up for the training and your April/May lock tending availability.
Work ConditionsOutdoors, at a height, near water
Level of ResponsibilityMedium
Special SkillsAbility to lift 50+ pounds; ability to climb
Physical DemandsHeavy lifting and pushing; working at heights; climbing over fence, up large granite steps and across narrow footbridges; near water.
PerksThis is an exciting physical opportunity to be part of the living history of the Pawtucket Canal!

Park Angel

General DescriptionHelp maintain landscaping at various Trust parks & properties: Spalding House, Jollene Dubner Park, Coburn Park, Donahue Park, and others
Volunteers Needed1-2 people per property
Special Training RequiredNone
Work ConditionsOutdoors!! You set your own hours
Level of ResponsibilityMedium
Special SkillsGeneral gardening/yard care skills, depending on your interests. Be our eyes and ears on the property. Talk with abutters and those enjoying the property. Check boundaries periodically.
Physical DemandsMowing, weed whacking, trimming, litter clean-up, planting
PerksYou get to play in the dirt!

Spalding House Steward

General DescriptionHelp maintain the landscaping in the Spalding House Garden or at Spalding House Park. Give historical tours of the Spalding House during special events when the Spalding House is open to the public (Doors Open Lowell).
Volunteers NeededOne+ person/people per visit
Special Training RequiredMust be trained by a Trust staff or board member.
Work ConditionsOutdoors; indoors in a historical house museum
Level of ResponsibilityMedium
Special SkillsGardening skills and a passion for history!
Physical DemandsMowing, raking, litter clean-up, planting, weed-whacking, navigating through the historical home including staircases
PerksThis is a unique opportunity to learn about Lowell's pre-industrial history up close.

Office/Outreach Associate

General DescriptionHelp with various Trust mailings – letters, invitations, etc.
Volunteers NeededTwo to four people
Time CommitmentApprox. two hours per mailing
When OfferedEvery six weeks or as needed
Special Training RequiredKeep names in order and assemble several items together, following a sample
Work ConditionsOffice and conference room, coffee and tea provided, good conversation!
Physical DemandsMinimal
PerksA chance to socialize while performing a much-needed task for the Trust