Jollene Dubner Park

Jollene Dubner Park was named in memory of Jollene Dubner, a founding board member of the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust. The Park was completed in November 2000. Until the creation of the Concord River Greenway Park in 2009, it offered the only direct public access to the Concord River in one of the most densely developed sections of the city. The park is maintained by a group of neighborhood volunteers and Trust members who water the park's gardens, plant flowers, or just get together to exchange a friendly word while looking out over the river. Jollene Dubner Park is located within one of the most densely developed residential sections of the city, where house lots are as small as 2,000 square feet.

Plan your visit

Location: At the corner of Rogers Street and Merrill Street, Lowell (36 Merrill Street). Get directions here.

Parking: Parking is located along Merrill Street.

Access: The park is easily accessed from Rogers or Merrill Street. The pathways are accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. No motorized vehicles are allowed; only passive recreational activities are permitted.

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Park History

The park site is the former location of a 17 unit tenement house that completely covered the lot. The city of Lowell took the property for non-payment of taxes and demolished the building. In 1999 the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust acquired an adjacent house on a 2,782 square foot parcel land from the FDIC. Demolition of the house expanded the park size and created sloped access to the river bank.


Special Park Features

Features within the park include a granite wall, which is the remains of the foundation from the former tenement. An ornamental cast iron fence (at left) was reproduced from remnants of an historic fence found on the site. The fence features a leaf pattern sheltered within an inverted heart. A pergola (above), which was donated to the Trust, provides vertical interest and will support ornamental climbing plants or grape vines. Granite benches (below), paid for by private contributions, provide seating along a curved pathway and overlooking views of the Concord River. The park also has solar lighting to provide additional security.

Contribute to Dubner Park

The Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust also has a maintenance fund for the park if you would like to donate money to aid in its long-term maintenance, click here  to DONATE to the Jollene Dubner Park Fund .

To learn more about the  Jollene Dubner Park Endowment, click here.  

Get involved  

Volunteers play a critical role in helping us care for and monitor our properties. If you would like more information about any of the properties or would like to volunteer as a land steward, please let us know (978)934-0030.

Action projects, in addition to regular site monitoring, on this property could include:
  • Litter Collection
  • Basic Landscaping
  • Gardening