A Vernal View

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Constructed by Constellation volunteers in December 2016

Back in December, our tireless volunteer crew from the Lowell office of Constellation, an Exelon Company constructed an observation platform on our West Meadow property.

As the deck is intended to help students and visitors get up close and personal with the property’s vernal pool – a small water body that forms only in the spring – we had to rely on nature’s clues and our memories to figure out the deck’s positioning.  It was built to be movable in case we were wrong, but one Constellation volunteer took a walk this May to find out.  As he aptly puts it, “I don’t think we could have done better if he we had [constructed] it now.”

Take a walk through West Meadow and let us know what you think.  See what kind of wildlife you can find in and around the pool, as vernal pools are critical breeding habitats for amphibians.

Thank you, Constellation!

Constellation volunteers built a viewing platform at the vernal pool at West Meadow.

The Constellation construction crew in December 2016.