Rachel McCord, Giving Tuesday donor

“I have been meaning to donate for quite a while now… as a little thank you for the work you have done and are doing which has made our 3 years in Lowell more enjoyable.  We enjoy so much being able to walk by the Concord River, hiking, and all the other green spaces in Lowell.   I never would have thought “oh, of course I would want to have raise a toddler in Lowell.”  But then we soon learned about all the beauty and history of Lowell.

On my maternity leave, I loved walking the greenways and canals.  And now that my son is 2, we love being able to walk to playgrounds and down to the Concord River.  And it completely made his day when he saw the whitewater rafters coming down the river into the locks!  “People in boats!  Have Helmets!” he shouted.

So, we have benefitted so much from the work that groups like yours have done to protect conservation lands, making Lowell much more than a former industrial city, and we wanted to give a little acknowledgement of our thanks.  I wish you all the best in your future efforts to preserve land and eventually connect the Concord River paths.  I hope that someday when we bring our son back here to visit his birthplace, we will be able to say “this river path wasn’t complete when we lived here, but look what they’ve done with it now!”

Rachel McCord, after donating on Giving Tuesday