Sally F, Conservation professional

As a teacher/naturalist at Drumlin Farm, I have been working with the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust (LPCT) for over five years. Together with the Stewardship through Leadership program (STL),we have been doing programs with Lowell schools, Spindle City Core and other community organizations. Our joint programs have involved activities like urban ecology. The students at both the Robinson Middle School and Daley Middle School have planted trees made available by LPCT.
Another nexample of the STL program: Last summer STL worked with the Spindle City Core. These high school and college youth removed invasives and trash, created a new trail (Cardinal Flower Trail) and an interpretive guideguide for the Concord River Greenway (CRG).
LPCT was very involved in the the creation of the CRG a beautiful open space along the Concord River.
I could add many other examples.
I wish every community had a Land Conservation Trust like the LPCT.

Submitted to Great non-profits, 3/28/11