I was born 64 years ago in Lowell and continue to live here.  I am a teacher and realize the importance of education for our children.  This non-profit though takes education to another level as it provides an exciting opportunity for Lowell [youth] to experience the outdoors.  They might be looking for animal prints at Hawk Valley Farm, identifying trees and exploring along the Concord River, playing in the beautiful urban parks, or visiting an old house from the 1700’s.  Most of all this non-profit encourages the children to have pride in the open spaces by respecting the land that has been so beautifully maintained by the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust.  I always find it exciting to watch the faces of children as they explore in nature.   Hopefully they will pass their excitement and respect of the land and these special places down to their children.

Submitted to Great Nonprofits, 3/24/16