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Women's Week Award Winner

Jane Calvin, Executive Director, honored with "Because of Her Award"

The Because of Her Award is given out annually during Women's Week in recognition of women who demonstrate a strong commitment to the Lowell community through courage, generosity, compassion, and activism.   Jane's leadership, commitment, and dedication has shaped her vision to improve the quality of life for the people of Lowell.  Jane's impact on the quality of life in Lowell is visible through the Concord River Greenway, the protection of Hawk Valley Farm, the preservation of the Spalding House, a growing after-school environmental education program, and the planting of thousands of trees.   Jane also volunteers outside of work for several organizations.  As the award says, "Because of her, community members of all ages have been inspired, engagede, and educated to seriously invest in the preservation of our local environment and wildlife."    Congratulations, Jane!

Concord River Greenway

Next Phase of Greenway Construction

              The City of Lowell has received $1,350,000 in PARC and Gateway grant funds to enable completion of the Concord River Greenway Park.  A new bridge will be placed at the end of the Lawrence Street section, crossing over the Concord River to Centennial Island.  From there this multi-use recreational trail will travel on the Lawrence Street side of the Concord River down to Jollene Dubner Park at Rogers Street, then cross the river and travel down the eastern bank of the river to Andover/Church Street.  Wopo Holup’s stone carvings and three additional multi-lingual informational signs are ready to be installed.  Click here for a map of the latest section of the Greenway! Construction will be complete by October.

Emerald ash borer

On December 9th, 2013, state officials confirmed the presence of the invasive Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) in  the town of North Andover. Previously, EAB had only been found in Massachusetts in Berkshire County. Although Emerald Ash Borer only attacks ash trees, it kills them within just 3-5 years of infestation, making it a very destructive pest. As you enjoy the outdoors this winter season, be on the lookout for these three signs of EAB infestation, and report any possible sightings of damaged ash trees.  Look for upcoming trainings nearby! To read the full article, click here. Signs of the Emerald Ash Borer include:

  • “Blonding” of ash trees, caused by woodpecker damage as they remove bark to eat the larvae/pupa, exposing blond wood.
  • S-shaped galleries under the bark, caused by EAB larvae feeding on the wood, visible when bark falls off or removed.
  • Tiny, D-shaped exit holes in the bark of ash trees, left when the adult beetles emerge from the tree in the summer.

At left: Adult emerald ash borer in larval tunnel. Photo courtesy of the Virginia Cooperative Extension.


Match Your Gift to the Trust!

If your employer is listed in this brochure (click here for employer list), your gift to the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust could be at least doubled.  Please take a moment to get a matching gift form from your personnel office and follow the directions to initiate a match.   Thank you for making the extra effort - and for your double support! See if your company is listed!

LP&CT Prints and Gifts

Dr. Mark Romanowsky's Special Places Collection

Board President, Dr. Mark Romanowsky and LP&CT present a collection of Fine Art Prints reflecting Local Scenes within Lowell, the Surrounding Area, and the Eastern Seaboard. All proceeds benefit L&CT. Prints Now Available on canvas.

Lowell Youth Make a Difference

Stewardship Through Leadership: Backyard Adventures! after-school environmental education programs for youth of the city of Lowell.  LP&CT and the youth of Lowell, including our students from Robinson Middle School and LHS's Freshman Academy, are making at difference to the people of Lowell and their highly valued natural resources.  Read More

1% For The Planet

LP&CT was just accepted into the 1% for the Planet program, thanks to a gift from Patagonia!  When you see the 1% for the Planet logo, please think of the Trust.

As Scene In Lowell

Welcome to the Trust's "As Scene In Lowell" page where you, the members and friends of the Trust, have the opportunity to share your favorite images of local wildlife scenes.  The natural resources of Lowell, Massachusetts, such as parks, rivers, canals, brooks, and forests provide various habitats for a multitude of wildlife species.  The images and descriptions here are categorized by neighborhoods.  (Image to the left is a red fox at Lowell Cemetery, September 2011, by LP&CT's Gwen Kozlowski.)

Donate Your Car to the Trust

There’s a new way for you to donate to the Trust! Simply click the link to the left and follow the instructions. 

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